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Hi Marcel,

Your project looks quite interesting but it sounds too broad to me. Could
you give some examples of the kind of tools you would like to include in
your package? Which are the problems you want to solve with your program?

I mean, bioinformatics is too broad to speak about a "complete solution". I
am working in the field of phylogenetics and phylogeography and the set of
programs, analysis and approaches available for that kind of studies is
really huge. I cannot imagine how many are included under the concept of

As example, there is attached a flowchart showing programs and web resources
I used (and their complementarity) during a single phylogeographic study.
They are only a small representation of the alternative analytical
approaches and programs that can be used.

There is a project in evolutionary biology called Mesquite that could give
you some ideas: 


Take a look to Bioknoppix as well:


Good luck with your project!


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Hi All,

I am looking for people that want to help me create a set of functional 
requirements and technical specifications  (for example: flowcharts, 
classdiagrams, etc) for the development of a complete workbench solution 
created in C# and .NET.

This workbench should be an "easy to use" application which researchers, 
students and others that are interested can use. The workbench would be an 
open-source suite that contains all useful tools that are around.

The first step in this project would be to define a list of functional 
requirements, so that we can get an overview what features our new 
solution should be able to do.

So my question is: If you would like to usage a all-in-one bioinformatics 
application, what do you want to do with it?

Any help is welcome.


Marcel van den Bosch

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