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Dear Marcel, 

C# and .NET is not actually the most preferred language 
for open source projects. I would propose Java/C/php/python
and Linux/MySQL. I think that somewere exists a Linux-Distro with 
Bioinformatic tools a Web Interface to such tools would be perfect. 


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Hi All,

I am looking for people that want to help me create a set of functional 
requirements and technical specifications  (for example: flowcharts, 
classdiagrams, etc) for the development of a complete workbench solution 
created in C# and .NET.

This workbench should be an "easy to use" application which researchers, 
students and others that are interested can use. The workbench would be an 
open-source suite that contains all useful tools that are around.

The first step in this project would be to define a list of functional 
requirements, so that we can get an overview what features our new 
solution should be able to do.

So my question is: If you would like to usage a all-in-one bioinformatics 
application, what do you want to do with it?

Any help is welcome.


Marcel van den Bosch

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