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You may already know some of these steps, but let me list them anyway, 
with an example (accession number NM_000518 (which is a special kind of 
accession number called the RefSeq number - check out 
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Sitemap/samplerecord.html#AccessionB for 
definitions) for the mRNA of HBB, the beta hemoglobin gene of human) .

1. Enter your accession number in the NCBI homepage 
(http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/) and hit your "Enter" key.
2. In the next page (the Entrez page) click on the "Gene".
3. It will take you to a brief summary of the gene.
4. Click on the gene name (HBB in this case)
5. By default it takes you to a "Full Report" on the gene in the next 
6. Change the "Full Report" (which is in a drop-down box on top) to "Gene 
7. And you have it - schematics, hyperlinked exons, introns and all.

Hope this helps.

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[BiO BB] Obtaining Genomic Sequence

If I have an accession # for a gene that I know occurs on a particular
chromosome, how can I get the full genomic sequence for that gene
containing all the exons and introns?


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