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Vivek Philip vivekphilip at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 10:57:25 EST 2006


  While analyzing the plot of phi and psi angles on the Ramachandran plot,
we found out that there was a lot of overlap between the alpha-helix and
beta-sheet regions. By this we mean that just based on the phi and psi
angles alpha helices are meant to be both negative, while for beta sheets
phi angles take negative values and psi positive. The results we used for
generating these plots were obtained from STRIDE and DSSP for top 500 high
resolution pdb structures.
  Does anyone have an idea as to what the reason for such an overlap could
be? Moreover on further analysis we did see a lot of misclassification
particularly related to the pi-helix region (Only about 38% of the residues
were classified correctly).We are talking about approximately 40% overlap
between the two regions.
  Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.
  Thank you,
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