[BiO BB] API for gene ontology retrieval?

Erick Antezana erant at psb.ugent.be
Wed Nov 8 05:18:29 EST 2006

Hi Ahmed,

    the next release of the onto-perl suite will provide this 
functionality (still fixing the obo2owl conversion).
    We're also developing a web page for providing this service. Keep 

    Check out http://www.cellcycleontology.org

    In principle, the API is for any OBO ontology (like GO, and of 
course CCO).


Ahmed Moustafa wrote:
> Hi All,
> Is there some API or an automated method to retrieve the annotation 
> (gene ontology?) of a set of sequences?
> I believe BLAST is necessary but after BLASTing the sequences, how can 
> I get the annotations (e.g. cellular component, pathway, biological 
> function...) of (for example) the best hit for each sequence?
> Your help will be appreciated so much!
> Thanks in advance,
> Ahmed
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