[BiO BB] Error messages when running blastpgp (NCBI PSI-BLAST)

Osnat Dafni dafniosn at post.tau.ac.il
Tue Oct 31 02:02:43 EST 2006


I'm trying to run the local version of ncbi psi-blast (blastpgp) using a
self-generated database and a fasta query file. I get the following error
messages repeatedly while the program runs:

[NULL_Caption] ERROR: ncbiapi [000.000]  BioseqFindFunc: couldn't uncache
[NULL_Caption] ERROR: ncbiapi [000.000]  ObjMgrNextAvailEntityID failed with idx

I'm using the following command line:

blastpgp -d db_file -i query_file -e 1.0 -m 8 -o output_file -I T -a 2 -j 4 -h

While experimenting I've noticed that when replacing the option "-m 8" (tabular
output format) with "-m 0" (default output format), the errors go away.

Does any one has any information about what could be causing these errors?
Thanks in advance.

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