[BiO BB] anyone know how to get the promoter sequence of mouse gene

Paulo Nuin nuin at terra.com.br
Tue Feb 27 09:31:37 EST 2007


Depending on the number of sequences you have you can do it 
manually/semi-automatically on the UCSC Genome Browser->Table Browser 
and modify the parameters to get the sequence. You can upload a list of 
IDs and then select the amount of upstream you need.

1- Select upload IDs
2- Change output to sequence in the combo box
3- Select what type of sequence you need
4- modify sequence output parameters accordingly



yzhang at vbi.vt.edu wrote:
> anyone know if I have a mouse gene(or human gene)'s gene accession #, how
> could I use this number to get promotor sequence of this gene? or -1000bp
> sequence? How about batch query?
> best
> yan
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