[BiO BB] Protein Datatypes for function prediction

Ajit a.gopee at utm.intnet.mu
Mon Jul 23 06:46:41 EDT 2007

Subject: Protein function prediction based using different datatypes

Can anyone tell me what are the currently available data types for protein function prediction and their associated tools/web site links?

I already have a small list but I want to make sure I cover all of them...aznd I want to get some preliminaries on each of these...

(1) Amino acid sequences 
(2) Protein structure 

(3) Genome sequences 

(4) Phylogenetic data 

(5) Microarray expression data 

(6) Protein interaction networks and protein complexes 

(7) Biomedical literature 

(8) Gene Ontology

Please do send some details on actually on how each of the above can be used in protein function prediction... 

Thanks a lot 



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