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Sat Jun 9 03:40:55 EDT 2007

nisha rajagopal wrote:
> Hi
> My sister is a student of class 12 and as part of her biology project
> she would like to work on an area in bioinformatics.
> I went through the suggestion given in one of the postings :
> "How about a protein sequence colorer? Read a FASTA file, and use
> different color schemes based on charge, hydrophobicity, size, polarity.
> This could also be turned into a simple hydropathy indexing plot, thus a
> primitive membrane protein predictor.
>  If this sounds like an underkill, apply same idea to a multiple
> sequence alignment.  Conservation indices etc. may be calculated for
> each column. "
> While my sister is good at Math and biology she does not know much of
> computer programming.
> Would this project be feasible for her? Could you also describe the
> project in more detail?
> Thanks,
> Nisha
Hi Nisha,
  Most protein visualizers can do what you are trying to do. If she is 
not an expert in programming, I would suggest her to pick up some 
existing tools and work on them. Taverna is a very good work flow 
system. Its is a opensource software. there are many such tools 
available. I just quoted taverna because it is in the recent hit list. 
First find out what her interests are and try out to come with an idea. 
Once you have an idea, you can post your idea here and ask people for 
the suitable tools available to achieve the target.

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