[BiO BB] how to build a prediction website

Mike Marchywka marchywka at hotmail.com
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I did look into this but didn't bother to reply at the time.
Your institution probably has some assistance available but you can get 
everything free- at least for non-commercial usage. For an html editor, 
are things like Kompozer that come up on google- or you can get the 
tools.  For OS, Debian is an option too if you don't like Windoze. Of 
course, once you have
apache, you may want some cgi or a servlet engine too. I wouldn't ignore 
as an interface between the server/web and your application.

If you really JUST want to offer a server and don't want much hassle, you 
could just start
a process that listens on whatever port you publish and not worry too much 
a "web site" or a server with a bunch of html. It may be easier to send 
perl/bash files to people than edit html :) The basic web server connection 
and logging
stuff is really nice of course and well worth the hassle ( connecting your 
app to
a port probably isn't the way to go except in some special cases). But, 
I think the graphic design becomes an infinite time sink pretty quickly.

You  could either make a complicated
form and have people cut/paste files into a text box or just send a readme 
and a script to anyone interested. As an in between scenario, you could set 
up some simple
html with instructions on how to format requests as http gets and posts. If 
you have
limited time and resources, it is probably easiest and even better to just 
things as similar to your development tools as possible ( you probably 
created some
scripts or other stuff to test your service, these are probably easier to 
than de novo javascript ).
Personally the first thing I do with any web form is find a way to script 
around it if I am serious about
repeat usage. It would be easier for many users if you just publish a 

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>Hi Li
>You may find the following files useful

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