[BiO BB] In need of guidance

Andrea Monti amonti at unich.it
Mon Mar 26 05:24:41 EDT 2007

Dear Twaha Daudi
apart from the technicalities of specific softwares and areas of work, I
might suggest you to lay your work on some fundamental basis:
1 - follow secure programming techniques. It is a fact that software DO
fails and every effort should be made to keep bugs and crashes at the
very minimum (including backups, for instance),
2 - try to use open file formats. This option gives you the possibility
of preserving data while time is passing, having access to "old"
information without need of using third parties applications (and, BTW, 
remaining "owner" of you own information.)
3 - track any design and development workaround and solution and, most
important, avoid "shortcut" to solve software problem (this could affect
in unpredictable way the reliability of results.)
4 - as soon as you can, use UNIX based operating systems and software
(they are more secure and reliable).
> My background is in Electronics and Communication(BSc) and  graduate of MSc in Computer Systems Engineering(2007).The problem I'm facing now is where to start and which area to start with?. or should I take a Master program in bioinformatics?.I will appliciate for your help
>   Thanking in advance.
>   /T
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