[BiO BB] How to download Protein complexes from PDB ?

Mike Marchywka marchywka at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 13 08:26:42 EDT 2007

>You can download whole PDB from RCSB. Goto
>Click on Download, you can go with FTP download to download the full pdb.
>seperate dirs are avaialable. you can write a wget based script to get the
>full download.

Thanks but that is essentially what I have now using the NCBI tools but I 
don't think
they have a search API. All I was after was a way to avoid returning the 
list of hits
or having to reformat it for serial file transfer requests. The other eutils 
usually have some option that just returns all the results with just
one request ( I think it is efectch but I'd have to look).

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