[BiO BB] about detection calls and signal values..

内田 靖哉 s_uchida21 at yahoo.co.jp
Sun Jul 27 09:36:09 EDT 2008

Hi Surya:

About your questions, it is better to read
information at Bioconductor.org. 
http://www.bioconductor.org/  You will find answers
to most of your questions.

Instead of dChip, I highly recommend using RMA
through Affy and moderate t-statistics through limma;
both algorithms are implemented in R.


--- Surya Gaya <suryabioinfo at yahoo.com> wrote:

> hi , 
> i used dChip recently and got the results in
> which i have the probe
> sets. i want to know the gene names of those
> probe sets. can somebody
> please tell me where can i get them and how?
> thanks in advance.
> and i also want to know about the detection
> calls and signal values..what are they? how are
> they attained? what do they signify and how?
> how are they supposed to be interpreted? please
> suggest any links aswell that could be of
> useful information to me.
> thank you so much group...
> surya.
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