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Anyone interested in an independent in-depth academic study on this
topic should study the "PATGEN Final Report" given here:




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I have some comments in general.
True potential of research does not mean one has a bunch of patents
(restrictive) to push others to stone age.
Patent system is actually a big stumble to discovery. It is a
of human greed and opportunism -  a state where rich become even rich
poor become even poor. It is created to make products(drugs etc...) of
inventions inaccessible to the poor.
Moreover IPR is archaic and has not evolved.
I would also like u to note that most software developed in
is in opensource domain with a  "no-no" to software patents.

Please follow the  link for this useless patent regime.


On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 12:19 PM, Tarun Bansal
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> Hi Everyone,
> I was just wondering if Bioinformatics professionals really care about
> securing the IP rights for their inventions?
> With this assumptions in mind, my company 'Sagacious Research' was
> to develop certain modules on importance of IPR (specially patents)
> Bioinfo professional (highlighting exceptions).
> Please feel free to contribute any information to the modules and
> what would you like to see in these modules.Also, if you are already
> of certain similar modules do let me know.
> Further, in case you want any economical patent research done
> patent preparation, searching, etc), you can feel free to contact me
at this
> email ID. I have an extensive experience of patent research in
> Bioinformatics domain and have helped many bioinfo professionals in
> realizing the true potential of their research.
> Best regards,
> Tarun
> Director, Product Development
> Sagacious Research
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