[BiO BB] Program for superposition of 3D point sets

Skull Crossbones witch_of_agnessi at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 7 17:57:03 EDT 2009

Check this:

This is a python program, which accepts a set of equivalent 'atoms'.
I beleive this can be modified easily to accept co-ordinates of the equivalent points to be superposed, instead of reading from a pdb file



--- On Tue, 5/12/09, Kalidas Yeturu <ykalidas at gmail.com> wrote:

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> Subject: [BiO BB] Program for superposition of 3D point sets
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> Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2009, 9:22 AM
> Dear All
> I would greatly appreciate if you can give a program that
> optimally
> superposes a pair of point sets (3D) and outputs rotation
> and translation
> matrices corresponding to each solution.
> I searched to my best in the web but could not find one.
> Please do NOT point to
> - Protein-Protein superposition web-servers/standalone
> ones
> - Programs that require residues to be contiguous in order
> to superpose
> - Motif search programs
> - IEEE/other literature on point set superposition
> algorithms without
> corresponding implementation
> I need preferably C/Fortran program or as a last choice a
> library function
> that I can call from other C programs.
> Thanking You
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> With Regards
> Kalidas Y
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