[BiO BB] eCheminfo 2009 Community of Practice Meeting Program

Barry Hardy barry.hardy at vtxmail.ch
Thu Jun 11 08:20:11 EDT 2009

The eCheminfo 2009 community of practice meeting on drug discovery
informatics will take place at Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia 13-16
October 2009.

This annual community of practice meeting is taking place for the fifth
time and brings together a unique combination of pharmaceutical and
healthcare industry experts, principal investigators and researchers
from the academic and government sectors, and leaders from innovative
enterprises.  The smaller and more intimate meeting format pursued has
fostered the type of collaboration not always found at large conferences.

The preliminary program with abstracts received so far is now available
at http://echeminfo.com/COMTY_conferencesprog09 and will be updated as
remaining abstracts are received.

The topics addressed this year will include Structure-based Drug Design
Applications and Methods, Macromolecular Interactions and Networks, Data
Analysis and Visualisation, PDB Ligands, and Predictive Toxicology.

A pre-conference best practices workshop on Binding Energy prediction
will take place October 12, 2009.

This meeting will take place concurrently with the InnovationWell 2009
meeting addressing the topics of Collaboration in Discovery and
Development, Translational Bioinformatics, Systems Biology and
Biomarkers, Blood Brain Barrier modeling and Predictive Toxicology.

Below is a short summary of the eCheminfo program.

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Latest Advances in Drug Discovery Informatics
eCheminfo 2009 InterAction Meeting
October 13-16, 2009
Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Philadelphia, USA

Conference Link with Abstracts:

Program as pdf download:

Program Summary

Monday 12 October
Pre-conference Workshop on Drug Binding Affinities
Co-Chaired by Scott Brown (Abbott Laboratories) and Judith Lalonde (Bryn
Mawr College)

Tuesday 13 October
Structure-Based Drug Design Applications, Chaired by Alan Cheng (Amgen)

Macromolecular Interactions and Networks, Chaired by Emil Alexov
(Clemson University)

Wednesday 14 October
Structure-Based Drug Design Methods, Chaired by Natasja Brooijmans (Wyeth)

Data Analysis and Visualisation Applications in Chemical Biology,
Chaired by Brian Marsden (Structural Genomics Consortium Oxford)

Thursday 15 October
PDB Ligands, Chaired by John Westbrook (Rutgers University)

Predictive Toxicology, Co-Chaired by Richard Judson (US EPA) and
Vladimir Poroikov (Institute of Biomedical Chemistry of the Russian
Academy of Medical Sciences)

Friday 16 October
Predictive Toxicology, Co-Chaired by Richard Judson (US EPA) and
Vladimir Poroikov (Institute of Biomedical Chemistry of the Russian
Academy of Medical Sciences)

Registration Enquiries: Nicki Douglas, Douglas Connect, Baermeggenweg
14, 4314 Zeiningen, Switzerland. Tel: +41 61 851 0461. echeminfo -(at)-

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