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You may be interested in this PR on a science fair result
and see if it gives you any thoughts on what kinds of programs you
may like to pursue. The specific topics may or may not be of interest
but you can get some idea of what is interesting or find places
to look for more details, 


To your point, 

The Impact of Third Hand Smoke on Risk for
Genetic Mutations Wins First Place Addiction Science Award at 2009
Intel ISEF Competition

              Forensic and Computer Science Projects Also Impress NIDA  

The third place Addiction Science Award was given to a computer science
project, "Complex Evaluation of Danger and Tranquility in Urban
Settings: An Immunocomputing Intelligence Approach," developed by
18-year-old Lucia Mocz, a senior at Mililani High School in Mililani,
Hawaii. Using an artificial intelligence algorithm, Mocz was able to
generate highly detailed maps that integrate correlated indicators of
danger and tranquility in the urban region of her home town.

Note that the top winners were high school kids playing with flies and 

tobacco and considering if carnivores will avoid corpses of human

drug users- science is not always about people in white coats with expensive equipment doing obscure experiments all the time.  You are looking for relevant
questions to answer and finding approaches that give you as much information
as possible with as little cost and effort or ambiguity. It gets
even more mundane than that especially with emerging diseases
and household ecology ( those pink stains near home water fixtures should
make you think about bioinformatics...). 

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>> Hello-
>> Thanks for taking the time to write me back. Everyone seems to have a
>> different opinion on this. One of my top schools is UC Santa Cruz and
>> the professor there differed from your opinions. He said to major in
>> bioinformatics from the start. But as Keith said, I might spread myself
>> too thin if I do that. I think I should visit so I can see how the
>> program is.
> I didn't respond earlier but after looking at the Drew site, it
> seems to have a liberal arts focus as there didn't appear to be
> any technical projects listed. Without
> remembering exactly what you were asking, you may want to consider

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