[BiO BB] [Portal Web Design for Bioinformatics] How to start and cross platform issues

Robert lzw bioinfo.robert at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 12:08:54 EDT 2009

Hi there,

I am a newbie to web design for bioinformatics and going to design a portal
web page similar to the following link:

It looks that the above portal was designed on Unix/Linux using JavaScript
and Microsoft FrontPage 5.0 processing datasets in MySQL database. As I only
have MS Visual Studio 2008 Prof software, I plan to go with ASP.NET and
ADO.NET to do it for processing datasets in SQL databases.

Does anybody know if this will work? Can the portal web pages designed based
on Windows .NET framework be browsed without any problem on Linux/Unix.
i.e., other platforms than the Windows? Regardless, any suggestions on how
to start designing such a portal web page (books, online resources,
framework and tools) would be highly appreciated. I need a general, correct
direction to follow. Thank you very much in advance.


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