[BiO BB] [Portal Web Design for Bioinformatics] How to start and cross platform issues

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Fri Sep 25 13:57:49 EDT 2009

> Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 12:08:54 -0400
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> Subject: [BiO BB] [Portal Web Design for Bioinformatics] How to start and cross platform issues
> Hi there,
> I am a newbie to web design for bioinformatics and going to design a portal
> web page similar to the following link:
> http://www.eh3.uc.edu:8080/GenomicsPortals/
> It looks that the above portal was designed on Unix/Linux using JavaScript
> and Microsoft FrontPage 5.0 processing datasets in MySQL database. As I only
> have MS Visual Studio 2008 Prof software, I plan to go with ASP.NET and
> ADO.NET to do it for processing datasets in SQL databases.
> Does anybody know if this will work? Can the portal web pages designed based
> on Windows .NET framework be browsed without any problem on Linux/Unix.
> i.e., other platforms than the Windows? Regardless, any suggestions on how
> to start designing such a portal web page (books, online resources,
> framework and tools) would be highly appreciated. I need a general, correct
> direction to follow. Thank you very much in advance.

I guess suggesting that you worry about an API first and design around
that wouldn't help? This is a prior debate we had here when someone
asked a similar question. You want to support the casual user and have
demo's for management but generally this data is best made available with
a programatic interface, not just something that requires human interaction-
remember, computers should automate data processing not just produce

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