[BiO BB] Announcement: 11th Bologna Winter School

Martelli Pier Luigi gigi at biocomp.unibo.it
Mon Jan 11 06:01:23 EST 2010

11th Bologna Winter School
Computational Methods for Systems Biology
University of Bologna
8 Feb 2010 - 12 Feb 2010

URL: http://www.biocomp.unibo.it/~school2010/

Systems biology is a new interdisciplinary field that aims at describing
the complex interactions between the elementary components of a
biological system for understanding the mechanisms at the basis of the
complex biological behaviour. To this goal, several experimental
techniques have been developed for finding the full content of a cell in
terms of expressed mRNAs (transcriptomics), transcribed proteins
(proteomics) and metabolites (metabolomics). Furthermore, techniques are
available for exploring the interactions between the expressed proteins
(interactomics), and between proteins and DNA-sequences (regulomics).
These huge amounts of data need to be analysed considering the different
tissues, the different phases of the cell cycle and the different
conditions that can influence the biological processes inside the cell.
For these reasons Computational methods hold a central role in Systems

The 11th edition of the Bologna Winter School will provide an
introduction to different computational approaches developed for
describing the structure of the interaction networks and for simulating
the kinetic evolution of the underlying systems. In particular, the
lecturers will present the theory of large networks useful for
describing the structure of interactions, two alternative simulation
techniques based on differential equations and on stochastic process
calculus, and the predictive methods based on machine learning approaches.

Issues related to the techniques for parametrizing the models starting
from the experimental data will be discussed in detail.

These topics will cover half- or one-day tutorials that will present
both the theoretical and the applicative aspects, with the aim of
highlighting the usefulness and the domain of application of the
different approaches in the field of Systems Biology.

Gilles Bernot
University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis
Nice, FR

Jacques Chomilier
University "Pierre et Marie Curie"
Paris, FR

Pierpaolo Degano 	
University of Pisa
Pisa, IT

David T. Jones
University College
London, UK

Arthur Lesk
PennState University
University Park, USA

Mauno Vihinen
University of Tampere
Tampere, FI

APPLICATION should be submitted by e-mail to:

school2010 AT biocomp DOT unibo DOT it

The School may provide 3 ECTS credits

Maximum number of participants is limited to 30 students.

For Application send a short C.V. to
school2010 AT biocomp DOT unibo DOT it
You  will be notified by  e-mail of acceptance.

Deadline for application:
*January 20, 2010*

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