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Goran Ceric bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 12:59:00 -0700

The numbers make sense. I have a couple of Dell 210S (12 x 73 GB) arrays
attached to 755N's with dual 1 GHz CPUs and 1 GB RAM. Bonnie++ gives me
~30-35 MB/s read/write (2.4.17 kernel, 2 GB file size) with write speeds
being somewhat lower because of my RAID 5 (AMI megaraid) setup.

Goran Ceric
System Administrator
Washington University, St. Louis
Department of Genetics, Eddy Lab

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I just read that the throughput of the MaxAttach 6000 (with an IDE
RAID) is about 180 Mb/s, and that the throughput of Dell's PowerVault
755N (with a SCSI RAID) is about 230 Mb/s.


Also, I heard that Dell's new PowerVault 755N based on Tualatins can
reach 470 Mb/s.

Naively, I had thought so far that striping over a dozen of disks gives
throughputs greater than 1 Gb/s.  Could you please comment on whether

- the above examples are poor performers, and typical NAS servers give
a throughput greater than 1 Gb/s?,

- it would make any sense to connect more than one Gigabit line from
the cluster switch to the file server?,

- which NAS servers you would recommend that give a throughput of 1
Gb/s?, and

- how much those beasts would cost?



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