[Bioclusters] About the parallel Blast on PVM

Mario Belluardo bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Tue, 20 Aug 2002 11:21:15 +0200

Dear Ognen,
I'm trying to obtain the best from our hardware possibility to give a
Blast server to biology scientist. Seem that we could have 32-CPU's
I'm intereseted in using or testing special code for this use, anyway
I'm also interested in documentation of modifying NCBI code.


bioclusters-request@bioinformatics.org wrote:

> There is a parallel version of Blast based on PVM written by a former
> colleague of mine. It was written/tested on our 32-node beowulf cluster.
> Instead of posting his email address online, if interested people can
> email me and I will make sure they get in touch with him for sharing
> experiences / results and possibly obtaining the code (I dont know what
> licensing agreements he and our former employer have in place).
> Ognen
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Mario Belluardo
Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment