[Bioclusters] Danforth Center Discounted ex-genomics kilocluster for sale

Jeffrey B. Layton bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Fri, 06 Dec 2002 15:51:04 -0500


   I hate to email you directly, but are saying that the
guys using the cluster left and you're looking to sell
off the cluster?



Tolan, Rick wrote:

>Interested Parties: 
>>This was last ranked as the 106th fastest on Top500.org. It was #41 when
>>it debuted.  Scientist left, need to let it go to a better home. 
>>I have racks of Genomics cluster to be sold whole (as identified in the
>>attachment) or in 2 rack sets.  Each rack has 20 dual processor PIII
>>servers in it and pricing for minimal purchase starts at $1,200/box ($24K
>>for rack)or less in quantity.  Feel free to make an offer. The racks are
>>prewired and networked and ready to plug in.  The details sheet is
>>attached.  All motherboards are P-III and upgradeable with a BIOS update
>>and processor and can handle plenty of memory.  Standard ATX motherboards.
>>Less than $50K to have a 40 node genomics or other computational  cluster.
>>We also have disk storage via NFS available, tape storage, etc.  Hope is
>>to sell fast.  
>>Anyone from ISP, Web Hosting, Genomics group is encourage to bid.  This
>>will go for a big discount from new.  
>>Feel free to pass this along to others that may be interested.
>>Let me know ASAP.
>>Please contact me with any questions. <<Beowulf Kilo Cluster Technical
>>Rick Tolan
>>Chief Technical Architect
>>Information Technology Services
>>Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
>>975 North Warson Road
>>St. Louis, MO  63132
>>e-mail:       rptolan@danforthcenter.org
>>Phone:        +1 (314) 587-1234
>>Fax:          +1 (314) 587-1334
>>Help Desk:    +1 (314) 587-1900