[Bioclusters] [off topic] this may be of interest - IDG is launching a "Bio IT World" publication

chris dagdigian bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Mon, 14 Jan 2002 17:49:25 -0500

Hi folks,

The quoted message below was sent to one of the mailing lists I manage 
for open-bio.org. As unsolicited emails go I was actually pretty happy 
to see this because I do think that there is a need for more 
life-science centric IT publicications. It looks as though IDG is going 
to launch this mag at the BioITWorld conference that is happening in 
Boston, MA sometime in March 2002.

Apoligies for the non cluster related post but I figured that there 
would be a high concentration of  life science IT types on this list.


> As a member of open-bio.org you are invited to become a charter 
> subscriber to a
> new publication from IDG,  Bio-IT World ? designed to help you map, 
> build, and
> manage strategic IT applications in the life sciences.
> To start your FREE subscription to Bio-IT World, click here:
> http://www.omeda.com/cgt.win/biw.cgi?+e21opn
> Only Bio-IT World is written for life science and IT professionals 
> like you who
> need comprehensive coverage of information technology products and 
> services for
> specific life science applications - including biotechnology, 
> biochemical,
> pharmaceutical, drug discovery, genomics, proteomics, and related 
> disciplines.
> In each issue, you get:
>     Case studies about bioinformatics usage in organizations like yours.
>     Learn how IT will drive bioscience breakthroughs and track their 
> impact.
>     Find answers in our monthly Q&A with leaders in bioscience, 
> bioinformatics
> and IT.
>     Learn how IT will enhance the success of biotechnology and 
> pharmaceutical
> companies
>     Keep abreast of government policy and regulation
>     Keep up with industry news, business trends and forecasts, 
> analysis and
> commentary that is relevant to you..
> Bio-IT World is published by International Data Group (IDG), the 
> world?s leading
> publisher of IT publications, including CIO, PCWorld, Computerworld and
> Infoworld.
> To start your free subscription to Bio-IT World, click here:
> http://www.omeda.com/cgt.win/biw.cgi?+e21opn

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