[Bioclusters] resources on administering clusters

Andrew Shewmaker bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 08:15:57 -0700

Jeff Layton wrote:

>Joe Landman wrote:
>>First off, spread the swap to as many spindles as you can.  Under Linux,
>>you can "stripe" swap across multiple partitions.  If you have 4 disks,
>>then look at the possibility of using 4 equisized partitions (one per
>>disk) for swap.  This needs to be done at system build time.  Never ever
>>put all your swap on a single partition.  This is "A Bad Thing(TM)" and
>>leads to swap-death.
>Can you put swap on RAID-0? I've never tried that before.
>The other option is to take n disks, pull out a few Gigs from
>each disk for /boot, /, /opt, /usr/local/, and saw and use the
>remaining portions of the disks for RAID-0. This way you could
>put n swap partitions on the disks.
IBM's DeveloperWorks has a nice little article on swap:

... modern Linux kernels, by default (with no special kernel options or
patches) allow you to parallelize swap, just like a RAID 0 stripe. By 
using the pri
option in /etc/fstab to set multiple swap partitions to the same 
priority, we tell Linux
to use them in parallel:

Set multiple swap partitions to the same priority

/dev/sda2	none	swap	sw,pri=3	0	0
/dev/sdb2	none	swap	sw,pri=3	0	0
/dev/sdc2	none	swap	sw,pri=3	0	0
/dev/sdd2	none	swap	sw,pri=1	0	0

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