[Bioclusters] Grid computing

Joseph Landman bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Mon, 04 Nov 2002 19:46:57 -0500

Hi Jeremy:

  You can set up a VPN between the head nodes across the firewalls, and 
set up appropriate routing (crosswise) to enable the machines to see 
each other.  You will need to enable ip_forwarding to make this work. 
 After this is done, it should be an elementary operation for SGE to 
qconf -ah remote_hosts ...  (or the equivalent for Globus).

  If you are stuck on how to do this, email me offline.


Joseph  Landman, Ph.D.,
Scalable Informatics LLC

Jeremy Mann wrote:

>Good evening all. I need some advice on how to connect 2 clusters behind
>firewalls. I've done research into SGE and Globus, but according to their
>documentation, it will not work behind NAT firewalls. I do not want to
>open my firewalls just for this purpose, rather I'd like to find a way to
>work WITH both firewalls.
>Are there any other grid style solutions that WILL work in conjunction
>with a NAT firewall? What do the big grid farms use?
>If there aren't, my boss and I have discussed using a custom SSH port
>forwarding scheme where one port would forward to the 1st node, next port
>to the next node and so forth.
>Any other ideas? Thanks...