[Bioclusters] Itanium 2

Ron Chen bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Sat, 21 Sep 2002 14:37:05 -0700 (PDT)

Someone on the GridEngine mailing-list has done the
IA64 port --



--- Marcel Turcotte <turcotte@site.uottawa.ca> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I about to buy some equipment, which include a bunch
> of Sun Blade
> 100/150 workstations (15).  I was wondering if some
> of you had any
> experience with Itanium 2 based workstations.  I am
> concerned with the
> usability of Linux64 as a workstation (availability
> of software) and the
> integration with the rest of the equipment, which
> includes a Sun V880
> as well as an HP rx5670.  The machines will be be
> integrated into a
> single cluster, probably using GridEngine.
> Your feed back will be greatly appreciated,
> Marcel

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