Grid Engine for Mac OS X Re: [Bioclusters] Wrong system and load values from GE on MacOS X

Chris Dagdigian
Thu, 07 Aug 2003 08:20:58 -0700

The version of BioTeam's packaged SGE that I found on my laptop was 
SGE5.3p2 which is pretty darn old. SGE5.3p4 has been out for a few weeks 

Interestingly enough I was at the Apple Summer Camp @ Stanford this week 
and met up with some Apple engineers from Australia who are successfully 
using a CVS-version of SGE without any problems (the main problem we had 
was trying to get the X11 qmon GUI to compile correctly).

According to the Australian SE's all they had to do was (a) install 
Motif via fink before building the SGE source from a recent CVS checkout.

I tried this last night at the airport and it looks as though everything 
compiled fine except for the X11 qmon GUI again. I need to do some more 
poking around to see what I'm doing wrong.

Anyway- I can build the SGE darwin binaries and put them up for download 
on if people are interested. Not sure if the qmon 
problem I'm having is an easy fix or not though.

I'll give it one more day of effort and if I still can't get qmon to 
compile I'll put the rest of the binaries up for download.


Ron Chen wrote:

> The port available on was the first
> implementation. (btw thanks for the port!)
> Later on, other people added more fixes -- detecting
> the number of processors was one of them (added by
> myself if I remember correctly).
> Sun is planning to provide binaries on
>, but they are waiting for a
> few more fixes before do that.
> If can update the binary to the current
> version -- SGE 5.3p4, then we don't need to wait for
> Sun's binary.
> Lastly, you can get further help from the SGE dev
> mailing list if you want to compile from source:
>  -Ron