[Bioclusters] download blast db with rsync in uncompressed format

Fabien Steinmetz bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Mon, 1 Dec 2003 10:30:39 +0100


We have to download the ncbi blast databases for use with blast on our 
We don't like the idea of having to download the whole database each time and 
would like to download only the changes. We found rsync which is a pretty 
good solution for that. So the problem was to find a server containing the 
data we wish to download. And there is bio-mirror.net. However on this server 
I can only find the preformatted databases in a compressed format (.gz).

The problem is this one :
in fact rsync can't be used at its "best performances" because the databases 
are already compressed. Thus the transmitted data to update a local version 
is very high and could be much lower if using rsync with uncompressed 
databases (by usind the rsync switch to compress data that is being 
Is there any server on which it would be possible to get such uncompressed 
files (in fasta or precompressed format) ? I couldn't find any with a google.
Or do you know a better way to lower the transmitted data ?