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	We have a 26 cpu Xeon 2.2 Ghz farm and had some initial
problems.  On thing that totally killed one of our nodes was a missing
bus controller heat sink. The machine kept hanging, and eventually we
replaced the entire machine.  Unfortunately for us that box was our head
node and caused me a huge headache until I figured out it was a heat
issue. I sent the box back to the company that put the cluster together
(I inherited the cluster management after someone else couldn't get it
running) and they confirmed that the missing heat sync was causing the
motherboard to overheat and hang.  
	I don't know much about athlons or how their MOBOs dissipate
heat but you might want to take a look a the machines that are causing
you problems for missing heat sinks.  For that matter you might want to
add heat syncs to the bus chips, they are pretty cheap and easy to

Hope this helps,


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> Hi Jeremy,
> The CPU fan is made by CoolJag and is called "Skiving Fins CPU 
> Cooler". Is this fan AMD certified?  What do you have?

All heatsinks/fans are what came in the retail box. Aluminum heatsink
with a blue fan which works pretty good. The one machine that's the
exception has a copper heatsink which is MUCH larger than the retail
heatsink. I can't remember the name of it. I have lm_sensors on all
machines and honestly, there is only a 1-3 degree difference under full
load between the two. Oh, the *special* copper heatsink, if I remember
correctly was $35.

I can take some pictures tomorrow and send them to you so you can see
the difference.

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