[Bioclusters] High Availability Clustering

LAI Loong Fong bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Thu, 24 Jul 2003 01:32:09 +0800

On 23/7/03 11:33 PM, "Elia Stupka" <elia@tll.org.sg> wrote:

> I was always of this opinion until lately I was debating this with IBM for a
> cluster we are setting up and IBM was pushing for PBSPro... in the end they
> won
> the debate because apparently NASA has been pushing a lot of improvements in
> the last year or so (last time we tried PBS was more than a year ago) and they
> now run it happily on a 14,000 CPU cluster in production.... I couldn't say
> much to this, so they won the argument and soon I will have to find out as we
> will be stressing out a cluster with PBS instead of our favourite (but
> expensive) LSF...
> Elia

That's because NCSA and also NCAR are using a hacked version of PBS rather
than the one that you can download.

LAI Loong Fong