[Bioclusters] Which gigabit card?

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Apologies upfront for the vague respose., but it may be a start.

I was looking for the same thing about 6 months until I came accross a 
great web site that had benchmarked a stack of different GIGE cards: 
Syskonnect, 3Com the lot. (all I can remember of the site was that it was 
done at a US University. If I find the site again I'll post it).

Syskonnect got top marks-but very expensive ($500)

Best price/performance was the 3Com 3C996B-T ($100).

I replaced all the myrinet with the 3Com's and they've been excellent. 
Instantly recognized under redhat 7.3, and driver upgrades were a breeze.


The upshot was: syskonect 

Malay Kumar Basu <curiouser@ccmb.res.in> 
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07/24/2003 11:41 AM
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[Bioclusters] Which gigabit card?

Hello Cluster gurus:

I have almost finalized buying of hardware for my cluster except the 
gigabit ethernet card. I want to install Redhat 8/9 for my cluster. 
Which gigabit network card should I go for. Can anyone recommend a 
particular card, which should install hassle free.


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