[Bioclusters] what motherboards are people using for dual Athlon boxes?

Chris Dagdigian bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Wed, 05 Mar 2003 17:54:19 -0500

Hi folks,

Anyone using anything other than Tyan mainboards for dual-AMD cluster 
systems? Anyone with happy/unhappy motherboard related issues with 
AMD-based systems?

I've got a client who is looking at a bunch of vendor proposals for 
2.8ghz dual-Xeon cluster systems and several for dual Athlon MP2600+ 
systems. One vendor is even quoting MP2800+ cpus which do not seem to be 
officially released yet in volume from AMD. heh.

Personally I've never had problems with Tyan but the customer has had 
Tyan-related mainboard issues in the past and in general seems to feel a 
slight sense of unease in that 100% of the Athlon-based proposals so far 
are using Tyan boards. They are wondering if there are any serious 
non-Tyan mainboards available that are suitable for dual-AMD use in a 
technical computing environment. I'm guessing choice is pretty limited.

What are people here using? Any recommendations? Are the current 
generation dual-AMD server boards from Tyan giving anyone problems?

Booards that I've seen in some the proposals:

Compute nodes: (Tyan S2722) & (Tyan S2466N-4M)
Head nodes   : (Tyan S2469) & (Tyan S2466N-4M)


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