[Bioclusters] Inviting you to participate in SCI 2004

Nagib Callaos bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
16 Oct 2003 16:58:24 -0400

Dear Dr. John  Van Workum :

On behalf of the SCI 2004 Organizing Committee, I would like to invite you
to participate in the Eight World Multi-Conference on Systemics,
Cybernetics and Informatics, which will be held in Orlando, Florida, USA,
from July 18-21, 2004.

Therefore, I am sending you the respective Call for Papers. The best 10% of
the papers will be published in SCI Journal
(http://www.iiisci.org/Journal/SCI/Home.asp), the hard copy version of
which will be ready in about one month, and it will be sent to the largest
university libraries.

We are making emphasis on the area of Computing Techniques , mainly Pattern
Recognition which is related to your specific area.

I would also like you to consider the possibility of organizing an invited
session related to a topic of your research interest. Organizers of the
best invited sessions will be co-editors of the proceedings volume where
their sessions' papers were included and of the CD electronic proceedings.
They will also be candidate for invited editors, or co-editors of a
possible SCI journal issue related to their invited session papers.

You can find information about the suggested steps to organize an invited
session in the Call for Papers and in the conference web page

If by any reasons you are not able to access the page mentioned above,
please, try the following page: http://www.iiis.org/sci2004/.

If you are interested in organizing an invited session, please, fill the
respective form provided in the conference web page, and we will send you a
password, so you can include and modify papers in your invited session.

Could you, please, deliver the Call for Papers I am sending you?

If you need a detailed Call for Papers, don't hesitate in asking us for it.

If the deadlines are tight and you need more time, let me know about a
suitable time and I will inform you if it is feasible for us.

Best regards,

Professor Nagib Callaos
General Chair SCI 2004

                                            CALL FOR PAPERS

The 8th World Multi-Conference on
SCI 2004
http://www.iiisci.org/sci2004, http://www.iiis.org/sci2004/

July 18 - 21, 2004, Orlando, Florida(USA)
The Rosen Plaza Hotel, http://www.rosenplaza.com/frames1.html

Program Committee Chair: William Lesso
General Chair: Nagib Callaos
Organizing Committee Chair: Belkis Sanchez
PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Integrated by (320) prestigious scholars/researchers
from 54 countries:

* Information Systems, Technologies and Applications
* Communication and Network Systems, Technologies and Applications
* Control Systems, Technologies and Applications
* Computer Science and Engineering
* Optical Systems, Technologies and Applications
* Image, Acoustic, Speech and Signal Processing
* Applications of Informatics and Cybernetics in Science and Engineering
* Systemics

Participation of both, researchers and practitioners is strongly
encouraged. Papers may be submitted on: research in science and
engineering, case studies drawn on professional practice and consulting,
and position papers based on large and rich experience gained through
executive/managerial practices and decision-making. For this reason, the
Program Committee is conformed according to the criteria given above.

Extended abstracts or paper drafts should be sent taking into account the
following Format:

1.  Major theme of the paper should be related to at least one of the major
themes given above.
2.  Paper title.
3.  Extended abstract of 500 to 1500 words and/or paper drafts of 2000 to
5000 words, in English.
4.  Author(s) and/or co-author(s) with names, addresses, telephone and fax
numbers, and e-mail addresses.

Extended abstracts or paper drafts should be sent via the conference web
site (http://www.iiisci.org/sci2004/), filling the respective form and
uploading the respective paper or extended abstract. If the conference web
site is not accessible for you, you can also make your submission by
e-mail, attaching it to the following e-mail addresses:
sci2004@telcel.net.ve, sci2004@cantv.net and sci2004@iiis.org

=B7   December 10th, 2003: Submission of extended abstracts (500-1500 words)
or paper drafts (2000-5000 words).
=B7   December 10th, 2003: Invited Sessions proposals. Acceptation of invite=
session proposals will be done in about one week of its registration via
the respective conference web form, and final approval will be done after
the registration of at least five papers in the respective session.
=B7   January 30th, 2004: Acceptance notifications.
=B7   March 31st, 2004: Submission of camera-ready papers: hard copies and
electronic versions.


Submitted papers will be sent to reviewers. Accepted papers, which should
not exceed six single-spaced typed pages, will be published by means of
paper and electronic proceedings.

SCI Journal will publish, at least, the best 10% of the papers presented at
the conference.

Based on past conferences experience, we suggest the following steps in
order to organize an invited session:

1)  Identify a special topic in the scope of SCI 2004, and the invited
session title.
2)  Fill the invited session organization form, provided in the conference
web page http://www.iiisci.org/sci2004/, and fill the respective form. If
by any reasons you are not able to access the page mentioned above, please,
try the following page: http://www.iiis.org/sci2004/.  If you don't have
access to the web, contact us via e-mail.

Invited sessions and symposia organizers with the best performance will be
co-editors of the proceedings volume where their session or symposia paper
were included.

Best Invited sessions and symposia organizers are candidates for invited
editors or co-editors of the SCI Journal special issue related to their
field of research interest.