[Bioclusters] Need NFS with local disk based caching, CODA?

Steve Litster bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Fri, 24 Oct 2003 08:29:10 -0400

What type of NFS file server are you using?  I've tested a number and 
there is a huge variation in performance.


Michael.James@csiro.au wrote:

>Our bioinformatic database files are outgrowing
> the nodes capacity to store them,  (~24Gig).
>Plenty of space on the fileserver but we find
> that cluster throughput levels off at about 10 nodes
> when the databases are provided through NFS.
>We need something that provides a network file system
> but with local caching.   24 Gig will be heaps of space
> to keep a good selection of the popular databases locally.
>When someone asks for something esoteric or after an update
> we have a short pause while the information is re-distributed
> and we are humming again.
>I thought to use CODA
> but find a whierd mix of doco dating from 1900s
> and somone contributing modules for current kernels.
>Anyone got any experience with Coda?
>And if it's no good, what are the alternatives?
>What are other clusters using?

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