[Bioclusters] Biotech

Nox bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Tue, 23 Sep 2003 18:00:17 -0400

Im pretty sure this isnt the right forum to post this,
but im not really sure where I should turn to.


We are a group of IT proffesionals,
ranging from IT security, to application development.
2 of us, are Alumni, one will be PHD by 25.

In Connecticut we were introduced to Biotech, informatics,
computational biology, etc. (Harvard and MIT)

But found most lacking.

we are experienced with clusters, parallel processing, from previous IT

We sat down and all decided that this is what we
would like to be doing, in one form or another.
Whether it be the possible pay, to the fact that we feel 
this is REAL, something that we feel we are contributing to society.
(As in we are making a difference)

With that being said, minus the minor in Business, we know NOTHING of
starting a company.

We are seeking advice, documents, white papers,
MOSt of all, a mentor.
(Someone who has left the work force, because they believe in what they
are doing, or just simply started a Co.)

Someon that does not mind working with young people
(The oldest being 26)

We are very motivated, and I will be leaving the IT security arena
(96k a yr) to get this Co. up and going.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
(or point me to where the right forum would be.)

Thank you in advance

GenMicro Systems

(P.S, We have already developed an In-house cluster, halted firewall,
databases, but lack funding for high end devices that we see around the