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Subject: [blast-announce] [BLAST-Announce #036]: Discontinuation of old BLAST web service.
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 10:34:03 -0400

[BLAST-Announce #036]: Discontinuation of old BLAST web service.

NCBI will be discontinuing an older and outdated BLAST web server. It will
be turned off at or about October 24, 2003. This is the old BLAST web
service can be distinguished by the URL which contains
"/cgi-bin/BLAST/nph-blast_report". The removal of old, outdated services
free up resources to allow NCBI to continue providing new features and
optimize BLAST performance. 

This change should not effect the BLAST web pages as they were migrated to
the new system a few years ago. However, this change may effect old third
party applications and some custom scripts. Third party applications should
now use the BLAST URL API documentation which is located here:
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/BLAST/Doc/urlapi.html. Several companies have
already migrated their software to the new BLAST servers. 

If you use an older, third party program (e.g. GCG) you should contact the
manufacturer to inquire about updates for these programs. Users of older
forms of these programs will no longer be able to perform BLAST searches
once the old service is removed. 

If you have any questions regarding this or other BLAST services, please
contact us at 

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