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Sun, 18 Apr 2004 04:16:56 -0700

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Dear Colleague,

It would be a honor for the 
2004 WSEAS International Conference on
to have a paper from you reporting
your recent research results.

The MABE 2004 International Conference on
will be held in Corfu Island, GREECE 
from August 17 to August 19, 2004

Your paper, as invited paper, will be published in CD-ROM Proceedings
plus in WSEAS Transactions on BIOLOGY and BIOMEDICINE. Send to me your Abstract.

The Organizers achieved incredible low prices in the CHP Hotel 
(Corfu Hilton), 5 Star Sea Resort in Corfu Island, Greece,  
resort where the multiconference of WSEAS will take place:

51 EUR in double room and 81 EUR in single room. 

Registration fees: 250 EUR. (also in August 2004: Athens: Olympic Games). 
Send us now your ABSTRACT now, by email to us: wseas_bio@canada.com
(the SUBJECT of your email must be: WSEAS )
  in order to start finding reviewers
and preparing the program for this great world mathematical event.

The papers of this conference will be published: 
(a) as regular papers in the SEAS conference proceedings
(b) regular papers in the  BIOLOGY and BIOMEDICINE 

(in August 2004, in the Capital of Greece, Athens, the 2004 Olympic Games
will take place) 

You are also invited to Organize some session (contact us for details)

Up to now, the organizing committee approved the following special sessions:
SPECIAL SESSION 1: Human Body Parts Modeling
SPECIAL SESSION 2: Modeling biological systems: status of art and perspectives
SPECIAL SESSION 3: Theory and Models in Biomedicine
SPECIAL SESSION 4: Cellular Network Dynamics: Structural Design, Robustness and
SPECIAL SESSION 5: Neural and Mathematical Modeling of Neuroimaging Data 
SPECIAL SESSION 6: Signaling in Biological Systems 
SPECIAL SESSION 7: Molecular Computing 
SPECIAL SESSION 8: Nature-inspired Approaches to Modeling and Optimization of

         T O P I C S of the conference in general.

Mathematical Modelling of Biological Systems
Numerical Methods, Statistical Analysis
Computational Mathematics for Biology
Cellular Biology
Molecular Biology 
DNA Computing
Computer Applications in Medicine
Computer biology
Evolutionary Biology
Biological dynamical systems

Population Ecology
Behavioral Ecology
Evolutionary Ecology
Population grouping, 
Spatial aspects of ecology
Stochastic models in ecology
Environmental protection
Management of living resources
Mathematical models
Management of Rivers and Lakes
Underwater Ecology
Ocean Engineering

International Scientific Committee of MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY and ECOLOGY 2004

Vicente Arnau (Spain) 
Ricardo Barbosa (Belgium) 
Oscar Angulo Torga (Spain) 
James Araujo (Brazil) 
Robyn Araujo (Australia) 
Petro Babak (USA) 
Mohammad Badri (USA) 
Rita Balocchi (Italy) 
Michele Barbi (Italy) 
Ross Barnard (Australia) 
Armando Barreto (USA) 
Farida Benmakrouha (France) 
Guy Berry (France) 
Sergei Bespamyatnikh (USA) 
Michael Brimacombe (USA) 
Nicholas F. Britton (UK) 
Carlos Caldeira (Portugal) 
Pierre-Yves Calland (France) 
David Cameron (UK) 
Chi Chen (USA) 
Chyuan-Sing Cheng (Taiwan) 
Santi Chillemi (Italy) 
Ross Clement (UK) 
Ramiro Concepcisn (Spain) 
Chris Cosner (USA) 
John Dallon (USA) 
Carlos D'Attellis (Argentina) 
Muhammad Zaid Dauhoo (Mauritius) 
Troy Day (Canada) 
Filomena de Santis (Italy) 
Andreas Deutsch (Germany) 
Alexandre Dobly (Belgium) 
Shinji Doi (Japan) 
David A. Drew (USA) 
Oliver Ebenhfh (Germany) 
Mourad Elloumi (Tunisia) 
Jose Manuel Faro- Rivas (Spain) 
Zarreen Farooqi (USA) 
Robert Finkel (USA) 
Vladimir Flores (Argentina) 
Paolo Freguglia (Italy) 
Catherine Garcia-Riembert (Mexico) 
Gfran Gfran (Sweden) 
Hugues Greenberg (USA) 
Fabio Grizzi (Italy) 
John Guardiola (Italy) 
Lechoslaw Hacia (Poland) 
Hatsuo Hayashi (Japan) 
Falk Huettmann (USA) 
Karl Javorszky (Austria) 
Winfried Just (USA) 
Leonard Kaczmarek (USA) 
Mohammad Kamal (USA) 
Sun Kim (Korea) 
Greg Knowles (Australia) 
Martin H. Kroll, (USA) 
Yang Kuang (USA) 
Tor Kwembe (USA) 
Stanislava Labatova (Slovakia) 
Haydee Lanzillotti (Brazil) 
Byungkook Lee (USA) 
Edwin Lewis (USA) 
Derek Linkens (UK) 
Jos? L. Mart?n (Spain) 
Vasilij Marzeniuk (USA) 
Amiza Mat Amin (Malaysia) 
Ronald Mickens (USA) 
Christoph Mitchell (UK) 
Iwona Mroz (Poland) 
Miriam Nuno (USA) 
Raffaella Ocone (UK) 
Bjorn Olsson (Sweden) 
Neli Ortega (Brazil) 
Celina P. Le?o Portugal) 
Enrique Peacock-Lopez (USA) 
Ernesto Pereda (Spain) 
Julia Ponomarenko (Russia) 
Javier Ramirez-Fernandez (Brazil) 
S. M. S. Reyhani (UK)/(USA) 
N. Rezaei-Ghaleh, (Iran) 
Diana Rubio (Argentina) 
Alex Samoletov (UK) 
Rinaldo Schinazi (USA) 
Xiangrong Sheng (China) 
Stanislaw Sieniutycz (Poland) 
Manmohan Singh (Austalia) 
Manmohan Singh (Australia) 
Georgios Sirakoulis (Greece) 
Jaroslaw Smieja (Poland) 
Angelique Stephanou (USA) 
Bahram Tafaghodinia (Iran) 
Jean Tchuenche (Canada) 
Gerda de Theraulaz (France) 
Francisco Torrens (Spain) 
Bill Tozier (USA) 
Reidun Twarock (UK) 
Olgierd Unold (Poland) 
Ezio Venturino (Italy) 
Donald Vries (Canada) 
Piotr Wasiewicz (Poland) 
Tarynn M. Witten (USA) 
Alfred Fritz Karl Zehe (Mexico) 



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