[Bioclusters] SGE Qmon on X Server

Chris Dagdigian bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Sat, 24 Apr 2004 16:04:28 -0400

Hi Lorne,

I (finally) was able to build the latest CVS version of SGE-6.0beta2 on 
my OS X 10.3.3 powerbook this weekend. The X11 GUI works great.

Now that I have a working process I'll see if I can build the latest 
Grid Engine 5.3 from source as well.

The problem with the 5.3/6.0beta Apple binaries on the grid engine 
website may have to do with the fact that their darwin build server is 
running Mac OS X 10.2 at the moment.

This is what I ended up doing/needing in no particular order:

1. Apple DevTools must be installed

2. If you use Apple X11 you *need* the X11 SDK package installed which 
can only be found on the Apple DevTools cdrom. This was the cause of 
lots of fink/x11/openmotif issues until I realized that the X11 SDK had 
not been installed.

3. I had to build BerkeleyDB from www.sleepycat.com from source (this is 
required for SGE 6.0 but should not be required for SGE 5.3)

4. I used fink to install 'openmotif3' and 'openmotif3-shlibs' - these 
seem to be the main requirements necessary to get a working X11 qmon binary

I'm going to document what I did to get SGE 6.0beta2 built on 10.3.3 and 
after that I can try to do the same with the latest release of 5.3


LeClair, Lorne wrote:

> To: Chris Dagdigian
> Hi Chris;
> I found the enclosed  thread on your WWW site and I wonder if  you could
> help me out.
> I have a cluster of 7 X servers running Panther and SGE. 
> The SGE is working fine but I cannot get the qmon proram to run.
> I tried using your binaries but I get the following undefined symbols.
> _XpGetContext
> _XpGetOneAttribute
> _XpQueryExtension
> _XpSetImageResolution
> _XpEndJob
> _XpEndPage
> _XpGetDocumentData
> _XpGetPageDimensions
> _XpGetPdmStartParams
> _XpGetScreenOfContext
> _XpSelectInput
> _XpStartPage
>  I also tried to compile my own version  using your instructions with no
> luck. Actually I tried only compiling qmon using 
> aimk -only-qmon but I get an error on the
> make: ***  [libXltree.dylib]
> Do you have any suggestions  
> Lorne LeClair
> IT Manager /Network Administrator
> Department of Biosciences
> University of Alberta.
> Office 780 492-4161
> Cell    780 8871508
> lorne.leclair@ualberta.ca
> [Bioclusters] grid engine sge-5.3p4 builds cleanly for Mac OS x - link to
> binaries for those who need it 
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> Thu, 07 Aug 2003 15:46:50 -0400 
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> This is response to a recent thread about SGE reporting incorrect load 
> values for Mac OS X with sge-5.3p2...
> After I installed 'openmotif3' and 'openmotif3-shlibs' on my powerbook 
> via fink I was able to download the sge-V53p4_TAG-src.tar.gz package 
> from the <http://gridengine.sunsource.net> site.
> Grid Engine (including the X11 qmon GUI) builds cleanly now from the 
> 53p4 snapshot with no additional hacking or patches needed. (yay!). In 
> simple tests on my powerbook the output of 'qstat' is correct with 
> respect to host architecture and load average data reporting.
> The qmon GUI is fine as well when launched under the Apple X11 environment.
> The build was so easy that I suspect that most people will just roll 
> their own distributions. The instructions are straightforward.
> For those who just want the Mac OS X binaries for SGE-5.3p4 I've made 
> them available for http download at: 
> <http://bioteam.net/MacOSX/gridengine/sge-5.3p4-bin-darwin.tar.gz>
> These are just the darwin/ binaries that are to be unpacked inside of 
> the SGE_ROOT directory. Users will still need to visit 
> <http://gridengine.sunsource.net/project/gridengine/download.html> in 
> order to download the "common" and "doc" packages for sge-5.3p4.

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