[Bioclusters] Parallel assembling of a shotgun genome

Joe Landman bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Tue, 31 Aug 2004 13:12:09 -0400

Hi Octavio:

   Have a look at SPS Phrap Suite at 
http://www.geospiza.com/tools/sps-phrap.htm .


Octavio Martínez de la Vega wrote:

>We are a genomic research center in México and we will be initiating the
>shotgun sequence of a large genome. Currently we do our bioinformatics
>in a 32 processor cluster, but we assemble (for example ESTs sequences)
>using Phrap and/or CAP3.
>The question is,
>Can I parallelize the assembling of a shotgun sequencing project to use
>the power of a cluster?
>Thanks in advance,
>Octavio Martínez de la Vega
>Profesor Titular

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