[Bioclusters] Maui "Silver"

Chris Dwan (CCGB) bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Sat, 6 Mar 2004 09:51:44 -0600 (CST)

> Are you using Gridengine or any batch system right now??

I currently maintain clusters running PBS (torque), PBS Pro, SGE, and
Condor.  I use LSF scheduled resources, but I don't maintain any of them
at the moment.  One of my challenges is to get workflows to distribute
across a variety of clusters that are not any single administrative
control.  I'm not doing this for the pure development interest...but
because the resources to which I have access are carved up across admin
domains and owners.

I've tried the Globus tools, but I've had little success.  For the moment,
I'm using a home-grown solution to dynamically submit jobs to a variety of

> AFAIK, Silver is for intercluster job scheduling, with AR for parallel
> jobs and cross cluster parallel jobs...

That's what I got from the web page.  I was wondering if anyone on this
list is one of the tester or beta sites that they mention, and would be
willing to share their experiences.  I know that Platform's CSF also
addresses this area.


-Chris Dwan
 The University of Minnesota

> > Does anyone on this list have any expertise with the "Moab, Silver
> > Grid
> > Scheduler" from supercluster.org?  I stumbled across the web site
> > http://supercluster.org/silver/, and I'm fascinated.  It has a lot in
> > common with a set of functionality I've cobbled together, and I'm
> > wondering if this is the replacement for my hacked mish-mash of
> > scripts for which I've been waiting.