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Dan Bolser bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Tue, 30 Mar 2004 09:46:14 +0100 (BST)

I have a question about Xeon and memory... It looks like I have one Gb per
CPU, and not 4 Gb for the 4 CPU without restriction. Is this problem at
the hardware level?

What is the maximum amount of memory a CPU can use?

I heard talk of a Tb memory machine, but it was part of a 1000 node
cluster, so I am thinking OK 1 Gb per node.

Can anyone clarify this for me?


On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, Philip MacMenamin wrote:

> On Monday 29 March 2004 05:38 am, you wrote:
> > hello all,
> >
> > i'm interested to the constructiong of a linux cluster of computer for
> > bioinformatics purpose. but i dont have a cluu about the performans it
> > should have. is there any one who can give any suggestion?
> >
> > in  the hope of an answer
> >
> Its kind of a nebulous question.
> Basically... buy Xeon || AMD two way boxes. Be boring, look at Dell or 
> penguin computing or something. Dont bother with 64 bit. Think about that in 
> about 2 years time. It will irritate you in 2 months after you buy it, *i 
> promise*. 
> Dont buy from some indy very cheap manufacturer, cause, if the nodes will 
> fail, you will be left waiting... or make them give you a decent guarantee. 
> Or a big box of bits.
> Look at the price of the chip : speed ratio. This graph will have an 
> inflection point, at which more money input gives diminishing returns 
> speed-wise. Buy at this inflection point. This changes all the time... of 
> course. There is no point in buying the *best* out there right this second. 
> Just buy a little behind it, and buy an extra box or two.  
> Find out what you want to run. 
> Buy as enough memory so it doesn't thrash your disks. (Or just fill it with 
> memory). 
> Spending about 2 grand (USD) on them a piece (I dont know what that is in 
> Lira) should buy you something decent operating at 3 gigs, with a couple of 
> gigs ram. 
> Then have a look at 
> http://bioinformatics.org/biobrew/
> www.rocksclusters.org/
> Sorry if this is very uninspiring/boring advice... its just, you want to keep 
> everything as simple as you can. There will be tricky bits no matter how 
> simple you make everything.
> Good luck.
> Philip.
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