[Bioclusters] SGE user_share

Chris Dwan bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Thu, 6 May 2004 15:12:17 -0500

> Rather than share tree it may be easier for you to read up on 
> "functional policies" -- they are slighly easier to setup and 
> comprehend then ticket based share trees.

This was exactly the clue I needed.  Thank you.  Here are the steps 
http://gridengine.sunsource.net/project/gridengine/howto/geee.html, in 
the section "user based functional scheduling):

In "qconf -mconf" change:
   schedd_params = none
   schedd_params = SHARE_FUNCTIONAL_SHARES=1

In "qconf -msconf" change:
   weight_tickets_functional 0
   weight_tickets_functional 1000000

   user_sort = false
   user_sort = true

Then create users using "qconf -auser" for each user, setting the 
"fshare" parameter to '5' or something similar for all the users 
(numbers should be proportional to how much you want to favor each 

> If you just set up a few users and assign relative percentages then 
> the overall cluster will schedule jobs essentially fairshare-by-user 
> with each user's jobs being FIFO. Most people do functional policy 
> based resource allocation by just creating a few departments, adding 
> people to each department as needed and then assigning 50% of the 
> cluster to DepartmentA and 50% to DepartmentB etc.  Obviously when the 
> cluster is idle anyone can get more than 50%.

This is what I observe now.  Thanks to everyone.  I'll leave share 
trees for another day.

-Chris Dwan