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Chris Dagdigian bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Thu, 06 May 2004 15:37:32 -0400

'sgeee' should mean that you are running enterprise edition so you are 
all set.

Rather than share tree it may be easier for you to read up on 
"functional policies" -- they are slighly easier to setup and comprehend 
then ticket based share trees.

With a functional policy you can assign percentages of cluster resources 
to Users, UserGroups, Projects and Departments however you like.

If you just set up a few users and assign relative percentages then the 
overall cluster will schedule jobs essentially fairshare-by-user with 
each user's jobs being FIFO. Most people do functional policy based 
resource allocation by just creating a few departments, adding people to 
each department as needed and then assigning 50% of the cluster to 
DepartmentA and 50% to DepartmentB etc.  Obviously when the cluster is 
idle anyone can get more than 50%.


Chris Dwan wrote:

>> I take it you are running SGE (not Enterprise Edition?)
> If the way you can tell the difference is the file:  
> $SGE_ROOT/default/common/product_mode, then I'm running "sgeee".  If 
> there is some other way to tell the difference between the two modes, 
> I'm not aware of it.
>> What you really need to do is set up share-tree policy for your cluster.
>> What that involves is creating a default 'project' which users submit
>> jobs to, then also creating users within SGE so that it can keep track
>> of accounting information.
> This seems to make your question above very pertinent, since the 
> "share_tree" manual page indicates:
>       The share tree object is only available in case of a Grid Engine 
> Enter-
>        prise Edition system. Grid Engine has no share tree object.
> Thanks for the pointer to the use cases document.  I'll give it a whirl 
> and see what happens.  If it becomes more complex than installing Maui, 
> I'll do that instead.  :)
> -Chris Dwan
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