[Bioclusters] Bioclusters workshop this year

Joe Landman bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Fri, 24 Sep 2004 12:45:56 -0400

Lets invert the question:

If you (the bioclusters list) had a venue to choose from, say a major 
conference you might attend and get value from, or similar, which would 
it be?

This year we did it at BioIT World.  The subsequent week at ClusterWorld 
had a light turnout across the board.  SC03 had a heavy turn out.

Where would you (the users) like to see the seminar, how long/short 
would you like it?

I am asking for the purposes of information for the organizing team.  We 
have had this discussion, and there are a number of ideas floating 
about, but we want to make sure that what we do will maximize 
appeal/attendence/registration (it is not inexpensive to put these 
things together, even over an access grid).


Chris Dwan wrote:

>> Has anyone thought about doing this workshop over the Access Grid?
> Answer:  Yes.
> New question:  Would anybody show up if we did it on access grid?
> My impression based on follow up both on and off list is that the only 
> way we could expect any turnout at all would be to co-locate with 
> another (major) conference.  Does Access Grid change this?  If you 
> don't know about Access Grid, that probably means that your answer is 
> "no."
> -Chris Dwan
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