[Bioclusters] Need some help with MrBayes and mpi

Lars G. T. Jorgensen lars at binf.ku.dk
Mon Apr 11 09:15:46 EDT 2005

Shaila Parashar wrote:

> Hi
> I am not sure whether this is the right mailing list to address this 
> issue. Actually, I am a unix sytem admin, who has been requested to 
> install MrBayes on our cluster.
> We have 4 SUN machines running Solaris 9.  We have mpich-1.2.6 running 
> and is being used extensively. We are not using passwordless ssh , but 
> instead are using  rsh. Students have not faced any problems in using 
> mpich.
> Now I have installed the mpi version of MrBayes on one of the machines 
> and then ran a program called sample.nex
> It gave me the following error
> p1_9962:  p4_error: interrupt SIGSEGV: 11
> I have not been able to find the reason and solution for that error.
> Any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated. A lot of our 
> research work depends on getting this to work correctly.
The problem is in the reasembeling of the tree file. I've tried to fix 
the bug, but without luck. I suspect it
has something to do with stalled data in NFS.
There is a new version at mrbayes.sf.net I haven't tried it yet but it 
might fix the problem.

> If this is not the right mailing list, can any of you please direct me 
> to the right mailing list to address this issue.
> Thanks in advance
> Shaila

Mvh|Regards, Lars
System Administrator, Phone: 3532 1349, Room: 318

Bioinformatics Centre, University of Copenhagen, 
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