[Bioclusters] Problems with gridEngine on OS X

zauhar r.zauhar at usip.edu
Thu Apr 21 18:50:28 EDT 2005

Hi Folks,

I am spending way too much time trying to get gridEngine up and running 
on our OS X boxes. I started with version 5.3 (because I thought it 
would be more "stable") and was able to get things working via command 
line. However, despite a lot of effort I could not get qmon to work, 
and given the complexity of the commands I really wanted it to work. My 
aim is to make it available to everyone in our group, including 

I tried to google every relevant piece of information I could 
(including messages on this list). The error message I cannot eradicate 

Warning: Cannot find callback list in XtAddCallBack

(appearing dozens of times) which precedes the creation of a mangled 
GUI. I cannot determine if this is an issue of the Qmon resource file 
not being located (I copied it to every bloody place I could imagine, 
followed by endless tinkering with the various path environment 
variables that motif uses). My only minuscule success was to set the 
environment variable XBMLANGPATH to point at the PIXMAPS directory 
under $SGE_ROOT/qmon , which produced a reasonable-looking GUI but did 
not eliminate the XtAddCallBack messages;  and said GUI did  not work. 
I am no expert on motif (I have learned more than I ever expected to 
know at this point) and cannot go much further.

SO, I decided to move up to version 6.0! I installed it remotely on our 
network server (named "galapagos"). All seemed to go well. I added my 
office machine ("cabriolet") as an admin host, and then tried again to 
run qmon. It didn't work (in fact just terminated abruptly). When I 
tried to run qconf on my office machine, I got this message:

[cabriolet-usip-edu:/var/db/netinfo] zauhar# qconf -sh
error: commlib error: access denied (client IP resolved to host name 
"cabriolet.usip.edu". This is not identical to clients host name "ca)
ERROR: unable to contact qmaster using port 9902 on host 

Huh? The business about the host name resolution looks incredibly 

Sorry for the clueless character of this message, but think how 
superior you will feel if you can show me what an ass I am. :-)

Thanks in advance,


Randy J. Zauhar, PhD
Assoc. Prof. of Biochemistry
Director, Graduate Program in Bioinformatics
Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
600 S. 43rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Phone:	(215)596-8691
FAX:		(215)596-8543
E-mail:	r.zauhar at usip.edu
Web:	http://tonga.usip.edu/zauhar

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