[Bioclusters] Anyone interested in distributing on Windows?

Dan Swan bioinformatics.lists at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 05:13:46 EDT 2005

On 4/21/05, Daniel Ciruli <dan at digipede.net> wrote:
> Would anyone on this list have any interest in working with software that
> can manage distributed computing on Windows machines? 
> I've been on the mailing list for over a year, and I realize that nearly all
> of the work that is going on here is Linux based (and most of it that isn't
> Linux is OS X).  But we have a solution that is very easy to install and use
> and there may be people out there who could take advantage of Windows
> servers, desktops or cluster nodes in their lab or organization. 
> The system can run on any Microsoft OS since 2000, and can distribute any
> executables or scripts that run on that platform (we've done much of our
> internal testing using NCBI BLAST).  We are working with beta users now, and
> plan a commercial release in June.  Please contact me directly if you're
> interested in working with our beta. 

Currently at Newcastle the favoured software for this is Condor:


Our network is mixed Linux/Windows but we are interested in getting
Condor on a huge number of "Common Desktop" WinXP machines to allow
research staff to have effective access to a "Campus grid".


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