[Bioclusters] re: software skills course

Richard Wonka richard.wonka at web.de
Thu Aug 11 03:51:37 EDT 2005

Hey List :-)

I'm administrator with a light biological background and have got my primer in python.
Me and my colleagues (some of them bioscientists) would like see what this is like.



> [...]
> I'm working with support from the Python Software Foundation to develop
> an open source course on basic software development skills for people
> with backgrounds in science and engineering.  I have a beta version of
> the course notes ready for review, and would like to pull in people
> in sci&eng to look it over and give me feedback.  If you know anyone
> who fits this bill (particularly people who might be interested in
> following along with a trial run of the course this fall), I'd be
> grateful for pointers.
> [...]
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