[Bioclusters] Sequest on Linux

Botka, Christopher Christopher.Botka at joslin.harvard.edu
Tue Aug 16 00:46:10 EDT 2005

Is anyone out there running Sequest on Linux for MS analysis?  We are in the process of setting up a modest sized cluster to run Sequest and would be interested in sharing info and experiences with anyone out there who might be doing the same.

Some issues:

   1. I/O requirements – what’s the minimum thruput needed to run Sequest.  We are gong to test both SATA and FC drives with multiple types of interconnects, as well as local SCSI drives.
   2. Integration of the Thermo queuing system with other job management systems (LSF/SGE etc) – Can Sequest be integrated into a general purpose cluster?
   3. Middle to long term storage requirements and back up strategies.



botka at joslin.harvard.edu


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